2017 Grammy Nominated for Best Americana Album! There isn't anything Slim Bawb can’t play and if he couldn’t use his hands, well, he’s got that covered too. He’s a singer,songwriter and plays all things baring strings to playing bass with his feet. Yes, we said feet. Slim Bawb or aka Bob Pearce is a native Californian who lives in New Braunfels,Texas and has a swampy-blues Louisiana sound, that you would think, just arose out of the fog off the banks of the Mississippi. His crew is called “The Fabulous Stumpgrinders” - all coming together to capture that “swamp” sound faster than an alligator’s snapping jaws. A musical concoction of country, funk, blues and more. Playing with his feet “lefty” and “stinky” on his Livid Custom “boot bass”, Slim Bawb has quite an original way of serving up his Lousiana swamp-style with a side of gumbo and some Cajun cornbread to soak it up. "Slim Bawb is like a hearty homebrew when the usual generic light beer doesn’t do the trick anymore." - TXMusicTV

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