At The Bugle Boy, environmental responsiblity goes hand in hand with good business. We try to conserve natural resources and minimize waste; to encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources; and to inspire discussion and action by our customers.

What We Do at The Bugle Boy

  • Recycle glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminum
  • Minimize waste by using washable dishes and utensils and reusable grocery bags. Our to-go cups are made of compostable paper.
  • On-site composting of waste materials
  • Sell Bugle-Boy-themed "I am Not a Paper Cup" to lessen usage of disposable cups.
  • Cut down on single-use plastic bottles, and conserve water, by offering complimentary filtered water.
  • Promote the Bugle Boy Solar Truck, and distribute free copies of the Electric Auto Association newsletter, to encourage interest in and discussion about gasoline-free transportation
  • Use environmentally-friendly suppliers & organic materials for our tee shirts
  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Lower energy LED stage lighting
  • Lower energy Compact Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Solar-powered theatre seat lighting
  • Light-sensor on marquee ensures that the display is light only at night
  • Reduced volume toilets
  • Tankless water heater
  • Housed in a repurposed WWII barracks building

What We Plan for the Future

We are always looking for ways to expand our environmentally responsible business practices. Time and resources permitting, our "environmental wish list" for the coming years includes:

  • Replace existing black composite roof with more energy efficient materials
  • Install additional insulation to make the building more energy efficient
  • Implement wind and/or solar energy solutions. The City of La Grange has already agreed to work with us on metering issues.
  • Install a Charge Point electric vehicle charging station for Bugle Boy patrons and visitors to the La Grange area.